First Sale!

I just learned that I received my first sale as I was sleeping last night. It truly is an amazing feeling to wake up to money magically entering your PayPal account. But more importantly, that someone out there felt you had created something of value to them that they were willing to part with their hard-earned cash for. Maybe the weakened dollar helped since it was a foreign sale!

Having worked in a corporate software environment for a long time, it is very easy to be insulated from the users that your software ultimately makes contact with. For example, if your code happens to be the middleware that talks to the backend database, or the well-crafted web service to kick off some process, you may have so many degrees of separation from real users that you don’t really get a sense if you are making their lives easier. If anything, the feedback is mostly negative since you get a stream of bug reports, but not much in gratitude or encouragement.

MicroISV’s invert this since you don’t have any corporate walls or layers of QA to hide behind. On the other hand, each sale goes straight to your bottom line!

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