Working on new CaptionIt! features

CaptionIt! is making steady progress on the sales front. Making enough to support my sushi habit at least. It is interesting to see the ebb and flow of visitors and sales. Some days see a lot of traffic and downloads, and other days barely a peep.

I’ve been hard at work improving and reworking the CaptionIt! interface. The next update, which I am estimating at a mid-November release, will add a Microsoft Powerpoint style interface that lets you drag and drop captions on your image. This is a much more natural and intuitive model than the fixed caption placement system in the current version. I’m also adding an exciting feature which I think users will really enjoy. I’ll have more to share once I have some images to go with it.

Changing the interface to an existing program is always a tricky thing. Users grow accustomed to using software a certain way, and can find it confusing or irritating to have things changed on them. In my case I think revising CaptionIt!’s interface is worth it since being able to manually drag a caption around on a picture is a very natural way to position it.

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