Firefox Download Gotcha

Learned about this one the hard way. I was testing to make sure that the latest release of CaptionIt! had been uploaded correctly to the website by clicking on the download link. I went ahead and ran the install and was very surprised to discover I had just installed an out of date version of the software. I immediately thought I had messed something up and had uploaded the wrong version to my server and that everyone else was downloading this old version as well.

I fired up my test VM and performed a download and install and it was actually the correct version. Puzzled I performed another install on my dev machine and it was the wrong version. I finally realized that Firefox was caching the download URL and giving me a local copy of the install program from a few days ago instead of the latest on the server. I would have expected that Firefox would always force a download of something you click on but it isn’t the case.

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One Comment on “Firefox Download Gotcha”

  1. Leonidas Says:

    Good to know. Thanks.

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